Home of Ramp Vegetable

Ramp  (Allium tricoccum), the wild, rare garlic, also known as wild leek and spring onion is nature’s first spring green. It is the very first vegetable that comes out after winter and is also called the bear’s garlic, because after hibernation bears search it out to eat it and to gain nutrition. Ramps grow and draw nutrients from underground over the winter, and its green leaves offer a unique, nutritious spring tonic that tastes like no other green. Their flavor is amazing and epicurean chefs love them!

The first of spring’s bounties of Earth’s vitamin and minerals packed green gifts. Ramp greens rise up in April and bloom for about three weeks.  Picking wild growing, Ramps is labor intensive but worth it! In that way they are kind of like a nature’s green version of truffles and have to be wild sourced!

The picking of Ramps should ideally be done sustainably.

Sarah Slater Chef, Foodie Blogger